Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Series even, so are these two teams

I'm not surprised my favorite team, the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, are even in their NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES with the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS.
The teams seem like mirror images of each other.

Each team boasts strong starting pitching that has struggled somewhat in the postseason, each can call upon a "lights-out" bullpen, each has an MVP-candidate catcher and each sports a lineup studded with "gamers," players whose somewhat pedestrian statistics belie their abilities to contribute to winning plays.
Heck, these teams are so close that Giants' shortstop Brandon Crawford and Cardinals' second baseman David Descalso were soccer teammates at the age of 5.
Ironically, the biggest difference between the two teams might be a player they have had in common.
Carlos Beltran provides a consistent corner-outfield offensive punch for the Cardinals -- a role the Giants haven't really replaced since Beltran left in the offseason (especially with the suspension of Melky Cabrera).
Based on the similar attributes of these teams, I expect this series to continue to the full seven games.


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