Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Doom and Gloom" sounds like vintage Stones

"DOOM AND GLOOM" sounds just like a ROLLING STONES song.
For a band marking 50 years, that's a good thing, indeed.
"Doom and Gloom" is the lead single from "GRRR!," a 50th anniversary compilation album by the band that began back in 1962.
The Stones seem to turn back the clock on this song.
MICK JAGGER sounds as rebellious as ever, even at the (staggering) age of 69.
His 68-year-old cohort KEITH RICHARDS will always sound this good on guitar, so his riffing comes as no surprise.
The 71-year-old veteran drummer CHARLIE WATTS is another musician whose form will probably never drop.
He provides a good role model for the "baby" of the band, 65-year-old guitarist RONNIE WOOD.
Yep, this sounds like vintage Stones to me, which is comforting, considering the vintage of the Stones.
See for yourself here.