Friday, October 26, 2012

This week's most memorable moments

Here at ROUTE 1, we can't remember what we had for dinner two nights ago but we can remember the look on Detroit Tigers' third baseman Miguel Cabrera's face when a ball hit the bag in front of him and skipped away from his glove and into left field.
That's human nature. It's also a reflection on the lack of creativity in our recent nightly menus, but that's a different FRIDAY QUESTION.
This week's query is the following:
"What was the most memorable thing to happen to you this week?"
KERI M. -- Having a date night with my husband.
BRIAN M. -- Between the San Francisco Giants advancing for the World Series and then winning Game 1, making the decision to (partially) renew my season ticket to the Portland Timbers, it was finding out the feature story I spend most of the last week working on for this week's edition of my weekly paper (and cutting down to half its original size) didn't get in.
RICK T. -- I was able to crank up the bonfire, sit with some friends and enjoy the beautiful evening.
JEFF T. -- Lost a job, but dodged the stomach flu.
LAURA C. -- I'd tell you... but then I'd have to kill you.
ERIK H. -- OK, mine is baseball-related. Gimme a break! Game 1 of the World Series was like a surreal dream. One player hit three home runs, another made two diving catches, a previously poor pitcher became great and that aforementioned ball hit that aforementioned bag. Oh! And I just remembered: We had hot dogs that night.


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