Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taking talents away from South Beach

My team just won the World Series and I've never visited FLORIDA, but I sympathize with fans of the MIAMI MARLINS -- if there are any remaining.
The team traded five starting players to TORONTO last night in a blockbuster, lopsided deal that shed payroll and talent from a team that had finished in last place in their division during the past season.
The trade follows deals that jettisoned other players during the course of the season -- the first season in a $515 million publicly funded stadium.
I've been listening to enraged Miami fans venting on sports radio statios SPORTS TALK 790 THE TICKET (WAXY) and 560 WQAM and I feel their pain.
Imagine investing your money and your fandom in a club, only to have it gutted for monetary reasons. 
It makes me wonder: How much fan loyalty can sports team owners expect if they fail to show loyalty to the fans?
As empty seats proliferate in Miami next season, we might see the answer.


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I'm very happy for you.

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