Saturday, December 01, 2012

Led Zeppelin's "Celebration" sounds good

I've been marveling at "CELEBRATION DAY" the past several days.
The live album of the December 2007 reunion gig by LED ZEPPELIN shows the band had lost very few of its powers over the course of the decades.
I purchased the November release three days ago, and I admit I have become a bit of a Zeppelin obsessive in my middle age. Our family's music collection includes -- now that we have Celebration Day" in tow -- all of the band's official releases and a pair of bootlegs, too.
"Celebration Day" can rightfully take its place in that canon of music. The band sounds good.

JIMMY PAGE might sport a white mane of hair these days, but he continues to play a mean guitar. Arguably, he sounds better on "Celebration Day" than he did on later Zep releases, when drugs had muted some of his prowess.
One of the individual joys of "Celebration Day" for me is hearing a live version of "FOR YOUR LIFE," the track from "PRESENCE" that had never been performed in concert before the 2007 reunion.
I love "Presence." It was my first Led Zeppelin album -- my dad gave me the 8-track version when I was in junior high school.
Hearing a live version of "For Your Life" is a treat, then, having grown up with the underrated album that spawned it.
I've also become much more familiar with the blues during the past decade or so. With this background, "Celebration Day" sounds as much like a homage to Led Zeppelin's original source material as anything else.
Ultimately, the passage of time seems to have done little to dim Led Zeppelin's love of making music. That's the ultimate lesson, I think, of "Celebration Day."


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