Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Music lifts Dolemite from the depths

The 1975 BLAXPLOITATION flick "DOLEMITE" perhaps rightly earned its bad film reputation, with wooden acting, cheap sets bordering on "bare rooms," ludicrous fighting and lovemaking scenes and visible appearances by the boom mic, to name a few of its faults.
The RUDY RAY MOORE vehicle also boasts a homemade charm, however, that causes film nuts like myself to lovingly adorn "Dolemite" with the "so-bad-it's-great" tag.
I watched it again last night and decided there was one aspect of the film that seems peerless.
The music is wonderful -- a mid-70s representation of Moore's proto-rap and the greasy funk and soulful ballads of performers such as SACRAMENTO native MARY LOVE.
Added to the outrageous clothing and language, the music helps make "Dolemite" a wonderful slice of escapism, and not just a film with many faults.
The music is a delight and a


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