Friday, August 03, 2012

Readers' favorite Olympic events

Every four years the world gathers to celebrate sports,and every once in a while ROUTE 1 remembers to deliver a truly topical FRIDAY QUESTION.
Today is one of those times.
"What is your favorite event at the Olympics?"
BEKAH S. -- Gymnastics --- it is a love affair that started at a very young age.
MIKE D. -- With our three sons on our local swim team, our favorite Olympic event is now swimming. My 7-year-old can't bear to watch the close races!
JIM S. -- Track & field, most specifically, the 1,600 meter run, 100 meter dash, high jump, pole vault and decathlon (but just about any of the other ones, as well). Boxing - they cram a lot of action into three rounds - and wrestling are up there, as well. (I can live without gymnastics.)
BRIAN M. -- In summer, I'm mostly interested in track and field, but now, I think I'm more interested in the soccer tournaments, more so even than the basketball tournaments. In winter, hands down, it's the men's hockey tournament, but I love watching the bobsled and luge.
ANNIKA H. -- Trampoline.
SANDYE V. -- It's hard to pick but probably the diving. The synchronized diving looked so amazing, I don't know how they can find fault with any of it! Give them all gold medals!
Wait. My favorite event was the awesome opening ceremony.
ERIK H. -- I've been loving the team handball this year. It's like water polo without the water, a strange brew of elements of basketball, hockey, indoor soccer and Scandinavian superiority.


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