Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A quick-paced intro to a classic's sedated version

CHEAP TRICK'S "IN COLOR" kept my pace quick during this morning's walk.
It's funny, though, to hear the difference between the album version of "I WANT YOU TO WANT ME" and the live version that supplanted it as a rock classic. The album version is, well, a little sedate...
"The 'In Color' version lacked anything resembling balls," wrote John M. Borack in "Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide."
Borack accuses the song as being "slightly twee" but notes this lack of "oompf!" was remedied on the live version from Japan's Budokan concerts, where the frenzied crowd acts as an additional band member, fueling the song with unbridled adoration.
Add the classics "Southern Girls," "Hello There" and "Come on, Come on," and "In Color" is an ultimate accompaniment for a quick-paced, early morning walk.


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