Wednesday, August 08, 2012

We don't take our trips on LSD. We take them with a bunch of bats swarming around us

I just had to momentarily halt my morning walk so a dozen tardy BATS could swarm around me toward their daytime homes.
Really, bats?
It was jarring, and it reminded me of another jarring sensation this week.
I was watching OLIVER STONE'S 1986 Vietnam War film "PLATOON" when the scene shifted from the soldiers' drug hangout to Kevin Dillon's Bunny character, who is blaring the MERLE HAGGARD song "OKIE FROM MUSKOGEE" from a stereo.
Really, Oliver Stone?
It was jarring because "Okie" was released in September 1969, more than a year *after* the scene with Bunny was supposed to take place.
I know it's only a movie, but the rest of the film seems to keep such anachronisms and gaffes to a discrete minimum.
That's why "Okie" seems so jarring.
Oh yeah, and I'm leaving a little later for my morning walk tomorrow. I want to give the dawn more opportunity to shoo those bats back home.


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