Friday, August 10, 2012

All creatures great & small -- well, the ones in zoos

Here at ROUTE 1, we appreciate all animals, except when they are trying to snag my reading glasses off my face while I am deeply involved in the book I'm reading and "Mika! Get down from the table you know you're not supposed to be up there" and -- aw man, that d***ed dog pooped right in front of the door again.
We especially appreciate them in zoos, which leads us to this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What is your favorite animal at the zoo, and why?"
INGER H. -- This guy (link). Why?! How could you even ask?!
KERI M. -- Giraffes. I love then. Of course, they aren't at OUR Zoo, because I live in Saskatchewan.
RICK T. -- Penguins, cause they're always dressed up to see you! lol
BRIAN M. -- The giraffe. The giraffe is tall, spotted and unique. There is nothing like the giraffe, yes?
ANNIKA H. -- Monkey!
STEVE M. -- The lion, because they are natural born killers.
SANDYE V. -- The giraffes. When I was little and had a sore throat, my mom would say, "Be glad you're not a giraffe." I would imagine the giraffes at the Brookfield Zoo (a short bus ride away) with a lot of Vicks Vaporub and very long scarves wrapped around their necks.
KERSTIN H. -- The panda bear because they are cute and I've always loved them.
ERIK H. -- I've always been partial to the big cats.


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