Monday, August 13, 2012

Really? This is the best you can do: "TheWho after AnimalPractice :)"

Delighted with the over-the-top spectacle on television, we were soon left outraged in our household last night.
NBC excised RAY DAVIES, ELBOW and MUSE from its coverage of the CLOSING CEREMONIES of the LONDON OLYMPICS, then told viewers to wait an hour -- following the broadcast of a show the network promoted called "Animal Practice" -- before showing the finale of the ceremonies, featuring THE WHO.
The problem with this tact is that the ceremony had actually occurred hours earlier, and many viewers knew what to expect because of Internet and social media coverage that preceded NBC's broadcast.
Disappointment reigned, at our house and beyond.
The reaction on social media such as TWITTER was immediate and angry.
"I have never Twitter more united than at the reactions to having to sit through Animal Practice just to see The Who," wrote one woman.
"Viewers outraged after NBC cuts away from closing ceremonies," read the headline.
Much of the criticism sounded a similar theme: Since the broadcast was tape-delayed, why didn't the network simply time its coverage in accordance with the ceremony?
Television continues to operate as if it continues to hold a monopoly on immediacy in media. How long until TV executives realize the digital age has already won that battle?


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