Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sahm's heat exhaustion antidote

It took me two full days to recover from the HEAT EXHAUSTION that laid me low while working on Sunday.
I learned first hand that the "exhaustion" part of the heat illness sweeps over a person, much like the fatigue associated with influenza.
I took it easy as I returned to work yesterday, and last night I continued to recover while listening to some fantastic songs by the late DOUG SAHM and his pioneering Tex-Mex rock band (with the English-sounding name!), the SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET.
I especially love the song "TEXAS ME." I decided it's a great song for hot weather.
The AUSTIN CHRONICLE ranked "Texas Me" 13th in its list of the 40 greatest songs with "Texas" in the title (just behind Waylon Jennings' "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love").
The Chronicle writers noted:
"It's hard to imagine a more poignant expatriate's lament than "Texas Me." Doug Sahm was one of many musicians who fled Texas for San Francisco during the Sixties, but he never stopped celebrating his home state. "Texas Me" combines Augie Meyers' swirling organ with steel guitar, fiddle, and Sahm's homesickness as he asks, 'I wonder what happened to the man inside, the real old Texas me?'"
It is a wonderful song, from the 1969 album, "MENDOCINO."
I highly recommend the music of Doug Sahm, even if you're not recovering from heat exhaustion.
Oh, and in case you're wondering: The Austin Chronicle's No. 1 song with "Texas" in the title was Gene Autry's "Deep in the Heart of Texas." Naturally!


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