Friday, June 29, 2012

Parents liked it, we sure don't

Jalapenos, Miles Davis, samurai films... There seem to be plenty of things I love that the kids just don't "get," which leads us to this week's ROUTE 1 FRIDAY QUESTION:
"Is there anything your parents liked that you just can't seem to enjoy?"
JOHN S. -- Raddishes.
BEKAH S. -- Well, for starters, kids. Ironic, right? They had two, and then adopted three, in addition to caring for many more via foster care. I always admired them for it, but that's one thing they enjoyed that I would NEVER want to do.
KERSTIN H. -- Jazz music. It puts me to sleep.
RICK T. -- They liked liver and onions. I will not eat that to this day!
SANDYE V. -- Baseball (the Cubs) and big band music -- not necessarily in that order.
ERIK H. -- My dad was a war buff, fascinated by all conflicts but in particular the Napoleonic Wars. Armed conflicts have never interested me, and I only know the Napoleonic Wars involved France (and the rest of Europe, I think).


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