Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heating up and cooling off with the Melodians

A local HEAT WAVE begins today -- we're looking at a high temperature of 96 degrees -- so I walked this morning, instead of this afternoon.
I had a bounce in my step despite the early hour because I was grooving along to a playlist of THE MELODIANS.
The vocal group behind "Sweet Sensation," "Rivers of Babylon" and "Swing and Dine" had a twin-toned vocal approach that set them apart from their other, stellar contemporaries.
"They had the advantage," write critics Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton, "of possessing two exceptional lead voices in Tony Brevett's warm baritone and Brent Dowe's anguished tenor, plus an excellent harmony singer in Trevor McNaughton."
Their songs helped keep me going in the emerging light of day. I'll listen tonight, too, hoping they help cool me after a scorcher.


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