Saturday, February 18, 2012

Art appreciation: Will Eisner's "The Spirit" edition

WILL EISNER'S creation, "THE SPIRIT," has been my favorite comic book character since childhood.
I read some of the early 1940 adventures last night.
Oh, and by "read," I mean I marveled at the high art of Eisner's work.
Eisner studied under an anatomy teacher for a year as part of his artistic training and "The Spirit" featured then-pioneering effects such as characters extending themselves beyond the panel.
"The Sandman" creator, the graphic novelist Neil Gaiman, called "The Spirit," "perhaps the finest and most consistently ambitious creation of its kind."
I have literally spent hours studying single panels of Eisner's work.
Picking up my book of 1940s "Spirit" comics is as much a visit to a fine arts museum as it is a journey to a dark city infested with crooks that live like rats.


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