Saturday, February 11, 2012

Racism spoiling football, again

Wayne Rooney scored two goals and Luiz Suarez scored one, but it wasn't the match action that drew attention to MANCHESTER UNITED v. LIVERPOOL today.
That match was the first of three we watched live on television today.
The action on the pitch lost its place of importance to petulance and racism. As the teams arrived on the pitch, Liverpool's Suarez refused to shake the hand of Patrice Evra -- the player he was found guilty of racially abusing earlier this season.
The disregard for sportsmanship permeated the match.
Actually, racism was behind much of this week's drama.
The Football Association stripped John Terry of the ENGLAND captaincy because his trial for racially abusing an opponent has been adjourned until July.
That decision eventually prompted the resignation of England manager Fabio Capello.
Racism must be erased from the game, however, so that all participants may enjoy the sport.
That's why today's display so troubled me.


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