Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Why not make Anfield Cat the England captain?

It's a sad commentary on a match when the feline pitch invader is the universally acknowledged highlight.
That seems to have been the case yesterday, when a CAT romped along the ANFIELD pitch during LIVERPOOL'S rather ill-spirited goalless draw with TOTTENHAM.
Of course, the cat became a sensation. Liverpool supporters chanted:
"A cat, a cat, a cat, a cat, a cat, a cat, a cat..." instead of the customary "attack, attack, attack."
TWITTER responded, with the cat trending in the U.K. and competing Twitter accounts springing to life. One such account, @AnfieldCat, has nearly 20,000 followers by this morning.
Newspaper reports jokingly(?) considered the cat the "man" of the match.
With all of this universal acclaim, I began to wonder: There is so much angst surrounding the England captaincy right now, with alleged racism an ugly, complicating factor; why not make ANFIELD CAT the England captain?


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