Friday, February 03, 2012

Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise?

Sure, they occasionally run aground on Tuscan rocks, and if they're serving norovirus in the main dining room you should definitely just stick to your stateroom, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you packed yourself.
Otherwise, cruises remain one of the most popular forms of travel.
Not that we'd know: We've only "cruised" the San Francisco Bay, Lake Tahoe and the Mississippi River.
That's why we at ROUTE 1 asked our readers for cruise suggestions by posing the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"Where would you most like to take a cruise?"
CLINT A. -- Dude, easy answer. Antarctica! Penguins, Leopard Seals, Whales, and the ever decreasing polar ice cap, how could one go wrong?
RICK T. -- Up the Mississippi River on the Delta Queen river boat. Let's get this river boat, with the BEST safety record in maritime history, back on the waterway again.
SANDYE V. -- Alaska. That's the only one that would tempt me.
KERI M. -- I would love to go on the Disney one.
STEVE M. -- Around the Tahitian Islands, focusing on Moorea and Bora Bora. Plus some other little ones. Or the Baltic, checking out the main cities in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia. Plus St. Petersburg of course.
JEFF T. -- The theoretical vast ocean beneath the icy crust of Jupiter's moon Europa... Or Tahiti.
INGER H. -- Antarctica: and not the quick lunge to the Antarctic Peninsula and back... oh no! Ever since working for photographer Galen Rowell and learning about the epic journey of Shackelton, I need to get to South Georgia and see his preserved hut and grave... so it's a $20K, 20+ day trip for me! Ah, someday....
ANNIKA H. -- Caribbean.
MIKE D. -- I'll stick to Midwestern rivers and (non-Great) lakes, thank you.
BRIAN M. -- I'm not sure I'm inclined to take a cruise, anyhow, what with this running aground problem and this problem of people falling overboard on occasion and the occasional Somali pirate attack, along with the seeming cheesiness of these floating cities of escape and baccanalia. One of those National Geographic voyages to the southern tip of Chile or around New Zealand would be fascinating.
MARY N.-P. -- Like a week down the Rhine River in Germany. We took a half day boat trip on the Rhine and it was spectacular - castles, quaint villages, hillsides of grape vines, etc., etc. I want more!
ERIK H. -- I've been tempted to take one of those "fan cruises," where they pair fans with old players from sports teams. However, I would hate some of the "bandwagon-jumping" new fans who would invariably turn up, asking inane questions instead of the important questions I would pose to the former players, such as "why did you bunt with that guy on second in the third inning of that April 1978 game against the Padres?" or "What were you thinking when you came up just short of making that century against Pakistan in the third Test at Bloemfontein in 1967?" So, I guess I'd just like to be put on a boat with a lot of old baseball, cricket, soccer and football players and no other fans. Just a captain that recognizes rocks on a map when he sees them.