Thursday, February 02, 2012

Battle of the baffling: Dream vs. Song Lyrics

I can't decide which is more unsettling and baffling, the dream I just woke up from or the lyrics of "CAN-UTILITY AND THE COASTLINERS," a song from the 1972 GENESIS album "FOXTROT."
I stared out to sea as thousands of eagles scoured the waves for food, while a kid with round glasses played "House of the Rising Sun" on a banjo that actually sounded more like a mandolin.
"The scattered pages of a book by the sea held by the sand, washed by the waves. A shadow forms cast by a cloud, skimming by as eyes of the past, but the rising tide absorbs them effortlessly claiming."
Actually, maybe I had that dream because I've been listening to so much Genesis lately.


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