Friday, February 10, 2012

Fillings placed between two slices of bread

JOHN MONTAGU, FOURTH EARL OF SANDWICH, didn't invent the practice of placing fillings between two slices of bread, but he certainly popularized the meal.
We at ROUTE 1 adore the simplicity of a SANDWICH, which is why we posed the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What's your favorite sandwich?"
KERI M. -- Chicken panini from Tastebuds
INGER H. -- Lately a big fresh cheddar cheese and tomato has been my go-to sarnie, as long as it has crisp lettuce and some nice mustard. Yum!
BRIAN M. -- Generally, a BLT or Subway meatball marinara, but my favorite, that I don't think exists anymore, is the Togo's grilled veggie, at least not the way it was made at the Corvallis Togo's. Veggies perfectly grilled so all the flavors and the cheese melded together. Thanks, now I'm hungry, too.
JIM S. -- Probably the steak, tomato and lettuce on wheat, six-inch long sandwich at Pickle Barrel (#21!). No cheese, salt, pepper, oils or dressings of any kind. (There's reasons why I'm so thin!) My least favorite is a bologna sandwich; I had that in my bag lunch for school, two or three times every week, all the way through school. I was too fussy for hot lunch.
MIKE D. -- Buttered white bread with skinless bologna and ketchup, smashed and warmed to just the right temperature after being in a lunch bag stuffed inside a school locker for several hours. Mmmmm!
RICK T. -- Maggie Hoffmann's Summer Sausage Sandwich at the Dubuque Eagles Club noon lunch.
ANNIKA H. -- Peanut butter.

ROSEANNE H. -- Patty melt is my favorite...and a BLT is also a favorite.
SANDYE V. -- Tuna salad on homemade bread.
ERIK H. -- I'll never forget the surprise, the delight, when I consumed my first Cuban sandwich -- ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on Cuban bread. I order them whenever I encounter them on a menu, which is not too often.


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