Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My dad would have loved "Little Britain"

My late father, GEORGE W. HOGSTROM, would have been 85 today, had he not passed away in 1992.
Among his many influences upon me was an endearing love of BRITISH TELEVISION COMEDIES. My dad showed me the greatness of MONTY PYTHON from my earliest days.
My dad would have loved "LITTLE BRITAIN."
I needed some relief last night following a particularly draining day at work. I turned to episode one of the first season of "Little Britain" on DVD, and the comedic genius of DAVID WALLIAMS and MATT LUCAS.
Upon its debut in 2003, "Little Britain" unveiled a memorable cast of characters played by Walliams and Lucas, including Lou and Andy, a "disabled" man and his naive carer; Emily Howard, an unconvincing "lady" and Vicky Pollard, a quick-speaking delinquent spewing gossip.
My laughter eased the strains of the day, and I couldn't help thinking my dad would have loved the show, too.


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