Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A morning of space-age Roxy Music rock

It was a good morning for the space-age rock 'n' roll of "FOR YOUR PLEASURE," the second album by ROXY MUSIC.
I drove KERSTIN and a friend to school in pre-dawn darkness, with icy streets and snow-covered grassy areas.
Songs such as "Beauty Queen" and "Grey Lagoons" seemed like the perfect accompaniment.
Synthesiser specialist BRIAN ENO was one of the star players, appearing on his final recording for the band before heading for a solo recording and production career.
Eno takes many of the instruments, including oboe, saxophone and guitar, and remakes them with a variety of electronic effects.
The result is a band sound that sounds futuristic, despite the 39 years that have elapsed since the record's release.
It all sounded perfect this morning.


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