Saturday, August 06, 2011

Having some fun with the young Stones

There's something endearing about the first couple of albums by THE ROLLING STONES.
I've finished each of the past two weeks by listening to the band's eponymous U.K. debut and its British follow-up, simply titled "THE ROLLING STONES NO. 2."
MICK JAGGER and KEITH RICHARDS were fledgling songwriters in those early days -- they saved their best stuff for the singles, which were typically excluded from the British albums -- so the first two albums are mostly filled with an interesting mix of covers.
On the second album, the band includes covers of popular songs ("Under the Boardwalk") and more obscure tunes ("Down Home Girl," by Jerry Leiber and Artie Butler). The latter boasts one of my favorite lines in a song: "Every time you move like that, I've gotta go to Sunday Mass."
The Stones were nowhere near their creative peak on these first two albums, but they were certainly having fun -- a sense that pervades these songs.
The opening pair of "before-they-were-rock-stars" Stones LPs easily prompt me to smile.


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