Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"Back Stabbers" orients the disoriented

There's always something slightly otherworldly about driving down deserted streets in the pitch-black, wee hours of the morning.
I drove JILL to the airport today, so she could catch an early morning flight to FLORIDA for a business trip.
I find it helps to have good music on hand, to ground me while I feel disoriented by the early morning circumstances.
I listened to "BACK STABBERS" by THE O'JAYS while driving home, alone in the car. It is a fantastic album, boasting four fine singles, "992 Arguments," the title track, "Time to Get Down" and the chart-topping "Love Train."
"Back Stabbers" goes beyond those singles, though, with other great tunes such as "Listen to the Clock on the Wall," "Who Am I" and "Sunshine," to name just three.
There's a reason the 1972 album always has five stars affixed to its reviews.
I give it "thumbs up" during lonely drives back from the airport, too.


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