Friday, August 05, 2011

Meet the earworms

It's a good thing I usually arrive at work before most of my coworkers -- invariably when I arrive I am loudly humming my latest EARWORM -- a tune that gets stuck in a person's head!
This week, ROUTE 1 readers share the tunes in their minds by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What songs always become earworms -- those tunes that get stuck in your head?"
RICK T. -- "Na Na Nanna, Na Na Nanna, Hey Hey Hey, Good Bye"! Go White Sox!
JIM S. -- Almost any song I hear before turning off the music or walking away. But some that stick in my mind when I'm running are "Who's That Lady," by the Isley Brothers, "Burning Love," by Elvis Presley, "Constant Craving," by K.D. Lang and "Steady as She Goes," by the Raconteurs.
ANNIKA H. -- "Friday" by Rebecca Black.
SANDYE V. -- It's usually the last tune I've heard somewhere. I've also noticed that when I'm learning a new song, the next day I wake up and don't remember a note, but on the second day it comes back to me as one of those earworm thingies. It's something about processing in the unconscious.
KERI M. -- That stupid Niki Minaj one recently.
ERIK H. -- Yolt-Holt Unlimited were an American soul and jazz instrumental ensemble based around drummer Red Holt and bassist Eldee Young, former members of the Ramsey Lewis Trio. Young-Holt's 1968 single "Soulful Strut" never fails to get stuck in my head -- as does the original song it was based on: Barbara Acklin's "Am I the Same Girl."


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