Saturday, May 07, 2011

Goodbye curse, at least for one night

Well, that was fun.
I don't have the best track record when it comes to watching the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS play winning baseball live, in person. In short, if I am in the ballpark, the team usually loses.
That's why it's for the best that I was unable to attend any of the WORLD SERIES games last fall. Without my apparently defeatist vibes, San Francisco finally claimed baseball's biggest prize.
Last night, I thought THE CURSE OF ERIK HOGSTROM would once again rob the Giants of a victory.
I attended the game against the COLORADO ROCKIES, sitting in Club-level section 226, Row A, Seat 3, accompanied by JILL, my sister INGER and our friend LEAH.
My presence did the Giants absolutely no favors during the first seven innings. The division-leading Rockies led, 3-1, and the outlook seemed bleak for an offensively challenged Giants squad.
Then came the eighth inning, when the curse began to lift.
Nate Schierholtz doubled down the third-base line with two outs in the eighth, scoring Buster Posey and pinch-runner Darren Ford to tie the game.
Bearded sensation Brian Wilson shut the Rockies down in the top of the ninth inning. Come the bottom of the ninth, and the curse completely left the yard.
Freddy Sanchez hit a walk-off RBI single off Colorado reliever Felipe Paulino with one in the inning, scoring pinch-hitter Cody Ross and sending the 41,000 plus crowd out into the San Francisco streets buzzing with excitement.
The Giants had won, 4-3. The curse is over! At least for one night.


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