Friday, April 29, 2011

Dark alleys, strange creatures and the Friday Question

It's dark this morning, and when I switched on the light over the couch, MIKA the sleepy cat sat up and just stared at me, as if I were some strange creature she had just met in a chilling encounter in some dark alley.
I am a strange creature, because I agreed to wake up at a ridiculous hour so that I could in turn wake up the girls in time to watch the ROYAL WEDDING.

While we wait for the monarchist nuptials to commence, how about we enjoy the following answers this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What would you least like to face in a dark alley?"

KERSTIN H. -- A big scary man with a big scary dog... or a big scary cat. Either one would send me running
SANDYE V. -- A murderer.

JOHN S. -- A reporter.

STACEY B. -- Clowns. Evil, demented, horrifying clowns waiting in the dark to terrify people with "funny" tricks.

SASKIA M. -- Reptiles or insects!

INGER H. -- Probably a cassowary.

CLINT A. -- Yoda.

KERI M. -- Some of my patients.

ANNIKA H. -- Barney.

RICK T. -- A BIG, mean dog that's got "I'm gonna bite you" on his face.

ERIK H. -- A fashion "expert" reporting on the Royal Wedding for E!


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