Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter memories

We've finally reached the Sunday following the PASCHAL FULL MOON, meaning it's EASTER -- the latest Easter has fallen on the calendar since 1943.
I'm glad it's finally Easter, because ROUTE 1 readers have been itching to answer the following FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What's your favorite Easter memory?"

ANNIKA H. -- Hanging out with the cousins.

SANDYE V. -- I have many. But I especially remember gulping a cup of coffee and walking to church in the cold, pre-dawn dark on Easter morning with my mother to practice with the choir (and the trumpeters) for the sunrise service. My dad and brother were still sleeping. And the whole city seemed to still be sleeping.

ROSEANNE H. -- My parents made Easter special in so many ways - Easter egg hunts in the yard, Mom's fresh baked hot cross buns, the smell of a big ham baking in the oven. But the very best part of each Easter was sharing all of it with my kids.

RICK T. -- All that yummy candy!

KERI M. -- As a child - looking for eggs at my parents. As an adult - hoping to be called to work for stat pay.

CLINT A. -- Going to the natural foods co-op with Mom to pick out treats for my Easter basket, she was not really big on giving me a huge basket of candy, attempted to get "natural" snacks instead. I guess that is carrying forth, because I am working on a non-candy Easter baskets for Eli and Ava at the moment. . .

JOHN S. -- When I was eleven or twelve I was an alter sever at Resurrection for Easter morning mass. My mom made me wear an under shirt, a dress shirt, AND a sweater. Including the alter server garment I was wearing...I had four layers on in a hot church. So while Father was preparing the Eucharist I PASSED OUT. I fell off of the alter in front of God and everybody! When I came to, the priest was holding my feet in the air and I thought I was dead. I thought that the old guy in the white robes hovering over me was God! I will never forget that.

LISA Y. -- For the past 35 years my grandma (with the help of my uncles) has had an egg hunt for me and all of my cousins (and more recently our kids). She labeled the eggs with point values and after the crazy hunt we'd all tally up our points to see who won her prizes (usually candy and the newest coins -- my grandpa was a coin collector.) As we all got older Grandma had to post rules and we all had to swear to follow them (no pushing, biting, stealing of eggs) or she could disqualify us. Over the years it became a competition to see who could climb the highest tree to retrieve an egg, or who wore the craziest get-up (I've seen my cousin Tim hunt for eggs in a grass skirt and a kilt). Now that I am 40, my youngest cousin is 20, and most of us have kids, Grandma decided that she has retired as the Easter Bunny. My aunts are beginning the tradition with their grandkids, and those of us that are patents do it with our kids, too. I bet the little kids won't need the disqualification rules like the adults!

ERIK H. -- Eating the ears off a chocolate bunny, then holding up the bunny and saying: "What did you say? Did someone say something?" Actually, I think I do that every Easter.


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