Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Returning to an old family favorite

I relaxed after a relatively unsatisfying work day with an old family favorite last night.
I read some of "TINTIN EN AMÉRIQUE (TINTIN IN AMERICA)," the children's comic book by the Belgian cartoonist HERGÉ (GEORGES REMI).

If you're unfamiliar with "The Adventures of Tintin" books, the titular character is a young reporter who becomes enmeshed in a series of thrilling adventures, either battling crime or espionage. He's always accompanied by his faithful and resourceful dog, SNOWY.

My sister and I loved these series of books as children, and when I became a parent, I vowed to provide my daughters with a Tintin experience as well.

The series began in the 1930s and continued into the 1970s.

We have 14 of the 24 books in the series.

"Tintin in America" is the third book in the series. It was originally serialized in 1931-32 in a Belgian children's newspaper supplement called "Le Petit Vingtième."

The plot of "Tintin in America" is a little more far-fetched than in subsequent titles, I think, but Hergé's artwork is always astounding.

The book provided some well-needed escapism last night -- a role it has been providing for decades.


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