Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning Football

The sun is still sleeping this early in the morning. Heck, even the dog is still sleeping at this hour.
Only black cat LORELEI and I are awake. She's exploring the darkened corners of the house. I'm listening to a RUGBY LEAGUE match from the other side of the world.

BRISBANE leads NEWCASTLE, 8-6, at half-time in the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL game currently being broadcast on TRIPLE M SYDNEY 104.9.

Listening online to the rugby league is one of my favorite morning rituals.

I sit here, sipping on coffee, thumbing through my "HISTORY OF THE RUGBY LEAGUE CLUB" book and listening to the teams battling each other.

This peaceful status will become interrupted in about a half hour, as I begin waking up the girls for school (they need additional preparation time, now that they are teenagers).

I'll be prepared for my day, thanks to the sport I heard from Down Under.


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