Sunday, April 10, 2011

A flair for the dramatic arts

I had gone to bed by the time Miguel Tejada hit a two-run double with two outs in the bottom of the ninth last night as the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS beat the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS, 3-2.
After eight hours at work, I had trouble keeping my eyes open by about the fifth inning.

I wasn't surprised, though, to wake up and learn of Tejada's late-inning heroics. As Giants fans learned last season, the team has a flair for the dramatic arts.

The Giants displayed this flair before the game even started, staging a WORLD SERIES RING ceremony in which the team, the ball club's employees and even living Hall of Fame former members of the team received the jewelry identified with Major League Baseball's highest on-field achievement.

For me, the magical night was completed when Hall of Fame former broadcaster LON SIMMONS joined the team's regular announcers in the radio booth.
Simmons was the VOICE OF THE GIANTS in my youth -- the voice I heard while visiting my grandmother's house, where I learned that Giants fans should expect a degree of heartache, but also shouldn't be surprised to wake up to dramatic happy endings, too.


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