Friday, April 01, 2011

Some animals freak out everybody! (Except for Lisa Ling)

A bat buzzed the audience and swooped over television journalist LISA LING during a recent speaking engagement.
Was Ling freaked out? Hardly! As the bat flapped it's way toward Ling, she quipped:

"Do they like Asian girls from California?"

We learned that Ling must be one of those rare individuals who is not FREAKED OUT by any animal.

That's not the case for most of us, as ROUTE 1 readers reveal by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:

"Is there an animal that always frightens you?"

JOHN S. -- I work at an aquarium. Snakes, gators, gars, take your pick!

ANNIKA H. -- Butterflies. They're terrifying.

JEFF T. -- My two-year-old Eli, especially when he needs a nap (but won't take one).

KERI M. -- Probably a dinosaur, if it was right in front of me.

BRIAN M. -- Like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes. Never mind real ones... the perception of a poisonous adolescent snake running loose is enough for me.

CLINT A. -- I hate centipedes. They are the creepiest damn creatures out there, hands down!

INGER H. -- Not really. People frighten me way more than any animal does.

BEKAH P. -- Ugh! Snakes! Ewww! I am freaked out even just thinking about it!

RICK T. -- I hate snakes, bats, mice and bugs.

LISA Y. -- Snakes....once when I was young the boys at the babysitter's house put one down the back of my shirt. I am scarred for life.

ERIK H. -- Raccoons. After I saw one trying to capture our cat in California, raccoons have always freaked me out.


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