Thursday, April 28, 2011

The emerging tragedy in Alabama

I spent last evening switching between listening to the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS baseball game and watching streaming coverage of the storms tearing across ALABAMA.
I eventually gave up on the baseball -- the devastating storms were taking too great a toll.
This morning, it sounds like at least 120 people were killed last night in Alabama alone.
Another 11 people were killed in Georgia, with the Southern death toll currently at 85 and presumably prepared to keep climbing.
One of the most poignant things I read last night was a simple TWEET.
A TUSCALOOSA NEWS staff member had reached their apartment, only to find everything they owned had been whisked away. Today's issue of the Alabama newspaper features a chilling account of the efforts to rescue a UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA student trapped under the rubble of his apartment complex -- smashed to bits in the storm.
A radio report this morning compared the number of ambulances in the streets of BIRMINGHAM to taxi cabs clogging the streets of New York.
So, you can see. There was no room for baseball when last night's tragedy began to unfold.


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