Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sushi satisfaction

Have you ever felt satisfaction sweep over you like a soft wave?
Have you ever experienced that sensation after consuming mouth-watering SUSHI?
If not, you'll have no idea what I am writing back.
JILL joined my sister INGER and I in SAN FRANCISCO today. Tonight, we ate dinner at the SUSHI BISTRO located at 24th and York streets.
Here are the items we ate:
"WATERMELON MAN" -- A roll of spicy tuna, mango, black sesame seed and macadamia nuts, topped with avocado.
"BUTTERFISH BLASTERS" -- Snow crab meat and avocado wrapped in butterfish and torched with a garlic soy sauce (pictured).
"MONT BLANC" -- Shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber topped with butterfish and ginger soy sauce.
"ROCK 'N' ROLL" -- Baked shrimp scallop on top of a California roll.
It was amazing, with the butterfish in particular living up to its name: It literally melted in our mouths.
The meal capped a delightful day, the highlight of which was meeting up with my high school friend JASON REYNOLDS, formerly of PHOENIX and now a resident of the S.F. neighborhood known as DIAMOND HEIGHTS.
It was all so memorable. It was the kind of day you live for.


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