Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Spread versus the Stutter

KERSTIN'S recent exploits with her high school debate team prompted me to watch the debate-centered film, "ROCKET SCIENCE," last night.
REECE THOMPSON stars as Hal Hefner, a stuttering freshman recruited for his high school debate team by the ANNA KENDRICK character Ginny Ryerson, the star debater.

Ginny specializes in THE SPREAD, a common method used by debaters. It's a rapid-fire manner of speech that enables the debaters to fit a maximum amount of facts into their time-limited arguments.

Hal would do well to be able to order a pizza at the school's lunch counter.

We learn during the course of this 2007 film that Ginny's motives weren't what we suspected.
We also learn about the personality and drive behind Hal's stuttering attempts at speech.

It's also one of those movies that leaves me shocked that more people don't acclaim it.


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