Friday, December 03, 2010

Bad behavior under the spotlight

Here at ROUTE 1, we've long advocated for a simple yet effective approach to interpersonal relations, the GOLDEN RULE.
We say "simple," but apparently the whole "do unto others..." concept escapes some people.

Readers provide their own examples of the Golden Rule gone missing by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What behavior always rubs you the wrong way?"

BOB H. -- An elitist with a superiority complex. Wait, that's redundant.

KERI M. -- Ignorant, spoiled brats.

RICK T. -- People who think they're better than you then end up wanting to be your friend. People who will lie to you.

MARY N.-P. -- Someone multitasking when you are talking to them. Studies show humans can't do more than one or two simple things at the same time well, so they really aren't listening to you...

JEFF T. -- If you and I are talking together, and your phone rings, please don't attempt to carry on a conversation with both of us! Remember, I made the effort to be there in person!

STACEY B. -- Snapping your toes. It makes me cringe.

STEVE M. -- An interviewer who likes to talk to much. On the 45 min Keith Richard NPR interview with Terri Gross (I think), it was clear she liked to do the talking, and sometimes he had to try to break in. Like we wanted to hear HER talk, and not him. Right...

JIM S. -- Children at mostly adult gatherings who don't behave, people who overuse the F-word and big dogs that jump on you.

SASKIA M. -- Arrogance and rudeness!

SANDYE V. -- Interrupting when someone else is talking, especially jumping in to finish someone's sentence. I do it, too, and I really want to stop because I know how annoying it is.

ERIK H. -- People who think only of themselves, to the obvious detriment of others.


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