Sunday, December 12, 2010

Soccer mags and jazz help battle my cold

The BLIZZARD howled outside. Inside, I struggled for breath, my joints hurt and even my jaw was sore.
COLD season has arrived at ROUTE 1 H.Q.

I slept most of yesterday. I need to recover from my cold enough to work today.

I felt awful when I wasn't sleeping, so I spent my wakeful hours thumbing through 1970s SOCCER MAGAZINES and listening to jazz.

The fine 2000 album, "BEYOND," by Bay Area saxophonist JOSHUA REDMAN played as I read contemporary reports of clubs and players from 1977-79 -- the years of my soccer awakening.

Among Redman's sidemen is the Harvard-educated pianist AARON GOLDBERG. His work on the album -- either comping Redman or soloing himself -- is stellar, and did much to comfort me as I endured my cold.


Blogger Webbie @ Football and Music said...

Jazz mags ?!

(Oh sorry I read that wrong...)

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