Saturday, December 11, 2010

The album that dare not speak it's name -- apparently

I was playing my favorite ROXY MUSIC album, "MANIFESTO," on a turntable in college once when someone I barely knew cracked:
"Roxy Music? Are you a lesbian?"

Rather than angry, I felt a deep sadness. This poor ignorant hick apparently had no knowledge of Roxy Music *and* couldn't properly define "lesbian." (Although I am attracted to girls, like a lesbian.)

Here's a primer on "Manifesto," for the uninitiated.

This 1979 album tends to get lost in the shuffle of Roxy Music's discography. It lacks the breath-taking experimentation of earlier albums such as "For Your Pleasure," and baring No. 2 smash hit "DANCE AWAY," the album's songs aren't regularly played on AOR or MOR radio, such as latter-day hits "More Than This" or "Avalon."

It's an absolutely beautiful album, though.
Released into the teeth of the post-punk movement, it aims for a classicism that allowed it to age far better than some of its contemporaries.

I wonder if that Roxy-hating collegian would have the same reaction if he heard this album today?
Heard against the backdrop of the auto-tuned dross on the radio today, "Manifesto" might make that jerk embrace his own inner "lesbian."


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