Friday, November 05, 2010

Route 1's week of memorable moments

Frankly, this week has been a bit of a blur here at ROUTE 1 H.Q.
That's why we need the help of readers who answered this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What will you remember most about this week?"

ANNIKA H. -- Dance! Oh Yeah!

MIKE D. -- Hmmm, I missed most of the World Series, so it wouldn't be the Giant's victory. (Sorry Erik.) The election was exciting, with a few surprises and late results that made for a crazy night in the newsroom, but that's become the norm. I guess I would have to say trick-or-treating with my kids. It's always fun and something that I will look back fondly upon as they grow up and move onto less "childish" activities.

SANDYE V. -- That Wisconsin lost Russ Feingold, one of the most honest people in the Senate, who stuck to his convictions against the odds. I'm very depressed.
BEKAH P. -- Meeting a Vietnam veteran who had two earrings --- one was an American flag, and the other was an Eagle... hilarious!
KERSTIN H. -- I made Senate! I know, I know. I thank everyone for voting!

JOHN S. -- The end of the political advertising.

INGER H. -- Seeing the Giants win in the techno-booming sports bar in London!

KERI M. -- Going to "Mamma Mia."

MARY N.-P. -- Breaking off a front tooth and having to rush to an orthodontist in a faraway city (sort of) before I could open my mouth in public. Oh, yes, and there was some sort of election thingy too.

RICK T. -- Elections are finally over. No more phone calls!!!

ROSEANNE H. -- Duh! The Giants!

ERIK H. -- Watching a live video stream of the San Francisco Giants' victory parade on my phone, while bleary eyed the day after helping with election night coverage. As I watched the parade, I remembered attending a similar parade for a championship Niners team. It also began to finally sink in that my favorite sports team (baseball or otherwise) had finally won the ultimate prize.


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