Friday, October 29, 2010

What do you want to accomplish?

Oh look!
The TEXAS RANGERS just walked another batter. Just kidding.

ROUTE 1 is currently caught up in SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS fever, which deepened during last night's 9-0 victory.

We expect to return to our normal routine at the conclusion of the FALL CLASSICâ„¢.

So, we won't accomplish some things we would like to do -- except on WORLD SERIES off days.

Which leads to this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What are some things you want to accomplish, but just haven't gotten around to

RICK T. -- I want to take my wife out to California to see the Pacific Ocean, Donner Pass, and to try and find my grand-mother's grave.

SANDYE V. -- Write a novel and see it published by a real publisher (not self).

BEKAH P. -- OK, so this is a big thing -- getting my college degree. I was on my way to college overseas when my sister died, and I put it off, saying that I could always go back. Well, it really is harder than I thought. But I'm working on it.

MARY N.P. -- Most involve travel and as I get older, some of them will likely never happen, like going to New Zealand, Bali, Brazil. But I still intend to get to Uruguay (next Sept.), back to Spain, Germany, Italy and England and some other wonderful places.

ERIK H. -- I have some reading to catch up on when the World Series concludes. I still have unread books I purchased in London, nearly a year ago.


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