Saturday, October 23, 2010

I celebrate with Mimi in mind

I can't help but think of my late grandmother, MARGE "MIMI" SMITH whenever I listen to the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS on the radio.
Tonight, after celebrating my the second birthday of my nephew FINN at his home in COLFAX, IOWA, I was granted permission to turn down the sound on the television and log onto the audio feed of tonight's NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES game on KNBR 680 (via

My grandmother played every single Giants game on the radio -- without fail.

Visiting my grandparents' home often in the summer, I grew up hearing those games, and learning to love the team she loved, too.

Tonight, the celebration turned to baseball, as the Giants beat the two-time defending National League champions, the PHILLIES, 3-2, to advance to the WORLD SERIES.

Of course, I thought about Mimi. Go Giants, Mimi!


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