Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jazzy chili

It might not be my tastiest CHILI, but today's concoction is probably my JAZZIEST.
I listened to the 1961 MILES DAVIS album "SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME" while chopping, stirring and completing the other tasks associated with making a big pot of chili.

It might be my favorite Davis album.

JOHN COLTRANE pops up on a couple tracks and PAUL CHAMBERS and JIMMY COBB provide the bulk of the rhythm section.
Add WYNTON KELLY on piano and HANK MOBLEY on tenor saxophone and you've got a fantastic backing band for Davis on a clutch of great songs, including "Pfrancing" and "Teo."
We're pouring the chili over some hot dogs, preparing for the girls to go TRICK-OR-TREATING and for Jill and I to watch the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS in the WORLD SERIES.

Jazz, baseball, candy... That sounds like a good day to me.