Thursday, August 12, 2010

Typically atypical Aussie tale

I'm listening to 702 ABC SYDNEY online and scratching my head.
The top news in AUSTRALIA is one of those stories that demonstrates how little we really know about the world.

A PSYCHIC trying to help find a missing 6-year-old girl instead discovered a woman's torso in bushland in Sydney's west.

The dismembered body was found near the edge of Eastern Creek at Doonside is not believed to be KIESHA ABRAHAMS (pictured) -- missing for the past two weeks from her home in nearby Mount Druitt.

Instead, police believe the body is that of missing Sydney woman Kristi McDougall.

The authorities can't adequately explain the discovery. Detective Chief Inspector Pamela Young told the Daily Telegraph:

"Well, it's quite interesting that there's a woman and she had a sense or feeling it was worth her while to come to this particular part of the park."

These types of stories seem to occur all the time in Australia -- a sometimes mysterious place where some of the mammals lay eggs and the conservatives belong to the Liberal Party.

We just never hear about these stories, because the land Down Under is so far away.


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