Friday, August 13, 2010

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

We all hate Monday, right? Well, unless we have that day off for a three-day weekend. We all love Saturday, right? Well, unless we end up working that day.
ROUTE 1 readers take a look at the days of the week by answering this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What is your favorite day of the week and why?"

BEKAH P. -- Saturday, no question. I can sleep in. My husband and I always use that day to go to brunch, browse a bookstore or two, or take a trip somewhere. And the best part of Saturday (other than that it's the first day off in a week, and therefore, in my opinion, relished the most) is knowing that there's a whole other day off coming...

RICK T. -- Every day. I'm retired!

KERI M. -- Right now, any day that is a day off. When school on in, Saturday, or any day that is a day off.

JEFF T. -- It seems odd, but I have always liked Thursdays. Schedules seem to loosen towards the end of the week, and for some reason, "looking forward" feels as good or better than living the weekend sometimes. Plus: I work weekends now!

SASKIA M. -- Saturday! I take care of everything that I (have to) put off during the work-week on Saturday. After that I feel content plus I have a hopefully lazy Sunday to look forward to.

KERSTIN H. -- Friday, 'cause it's the last day of the week so I can just go ahhh when it's all over.

MIKE D. -- I used to tell my wife that it was Monday. Specifically, Monday night. The garbage was curbside and we had a well-stocked cupboard and refrigerator from a weekend of grocery shopping. Eat up!

ERIK H. -- Usually Saturday, when I can watch British soccer and relax. However, my absolute favorite day is a Sunday when I have the next day, Monday, off. I love middle days of three-day weekends!


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