Sunday, September 07, 2008

Whay do you mean, "time to wake up?"

I could have easily slept all day.
In fact, when the alarm clock shocked me into consciousness this morning, it was while I was dreaming I was in bed.
I will be unable to sleep all day because I work today. I will heading toward the office in about eight minutes.
I have grabbed several special CDs off the rack for today, because I am really going to need them to help shake off the sleepiness.
I grabbed some HIGHLIFE albums in order to hear the joyous sounds of musical greats such as ORLANDO JULIUS (pictured).
An alto saxophone player from Nigeria's Osun State, Julius founded the group The MODERN ACES in 1964.
Julius is unique among his peers in that he relocated to the United States and worked with soul musicians following a string of highlife hits in Nigeria.
I am hoping the bouncy rhythms and intricate guitar lines of highlife help me emerge from my cocoon.


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