Wednesday, September 03, 2008

That Dizzy Malone is a real animal

It just so happens that today is all about the ladies.
I am driving around while listening to "BEAUTY AND THE BEAT" by the GO-GO'S, I am going to watch SARAH PALIN address the GOP National Convention tonight on television and at lunch I am reading "THE JANE FROM HELL'S KITCHEN," a 1930 gangster tale by PERRY PAUL.
Paul wrote for one of the "trashier" publications of the 1930s, GUN MOLLS, and his tale paints protagonist gangster girl DIZZY MALONE in a less-than-flattering -- and less-than-human -- light.
When Dizzy approaches the New York district attorney, Paul writes:
"James Mitchell looked down at her lovely blonde bravado with the expression of a man charmed against his will by some exotic yet poisonous serpent."
Paul compared Malone to a reptile. Later, as the confrontation with Mitchell intensifies, Paul likens to Malone to a different beast:
"She crouched like a feline killer ready to spring. Coral-tipped fingers that could tear a man's face to ribbons, tensed. Her lips curled back from her teeth in a fighting snarl of defiance."
Entertaining? Yes. Suitable for a language-arts composition class exercise? Decidedly no.
I am interested to hear what Palin says tonight, and I am looking forward to grooving to more of the Go-Go's brilliant debut album. I am also wondering what the ladies in his life thought of Paul's depictions of their gender.


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