Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Predawn dirge-like pop

KERSTIN held on tight as nervous puppy RORY set an ambitious pace during our predawn walk this morning.
Rory had never walked in the dark before. She scurried along the sidewalk, turning to look behind her anxiously every few steps.
I contrasted Rory's frantic trail blazing with the album on my iPod -- "AUTOMATIC" by THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN.
By the September 1989 release of "Automatic," JAMC had dropped the noise that had thrust them into the limelight earlier in the decade.
Instead, "Automatic" sounds like a collision between the Velvet Underground and the Beach Boys. A breezy kind of dirge-like pop.
I like "Automatic," an underrated gem in the Scottish band's catalog. Given Rory's sprinting pace, though, I probably should have listened to some techno this morning.


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