Friday, September 05, 2008


ROUTE 1 staff members have enjoyed -- er, "over-enjoyed?" -- a few meals lately, leading to the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"Is there a food you always overeat?"
RICK T. -- Shrimp scampi.
BEKAH P. -- Um, pizza, chocolate, Chinese, pasta, circus peanuts, chips and salsa... really... do you want me to continue?

ROSEANNE H. -- We went to the big annual Sparks Rib Cook-off a couple days ago. How can you not sample all those tasty ribs. Our favorite was Famous Dave's. He and his staff have banners over the booth and they list all the awards they have won. We especially noted the ones from Cedar Rapids, IA. Our paper will announce the winners tomorrow. Rib cookers come from all over the US to participate - by invitation only.
MIKE M. -- Chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, black-eyed peas, cornbread and ice tea.
BRIAN M. -- Planters Dry-Roasted Peanuts. I just bought a 16-ounce jar on Sunday and it was half-empty by Sunday evening and now it's one-deep on the bottom by this (Tuesday) morning. The label says a "serving size" is one ounce or "about 39 pieces." I think my hands have more capacity than 39 pieces, and I'll go through handful after handful if I know they're around.
MARY N.-P. -- Probably any kind of snack foods, because you just keep nibbling and nibbling and going back and "having just one more," until you've likely finished off a platter full -- something you'd never do to an actual platter of food.
BRIAN C. -- Without question, chips and salsa.
MIKE D. -- Nacho cheese Doritos. I usually eat them to the point of regret.
KERI M. -- Eat = Rice. Drink = Broadway Cafes.
ERIK H. -- Fried chicken, especially if it is a Sunday evening and I slaved over the stove to make the fried chicken. But it's sooooo good!


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