Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tessio plays highlife now?

After listening to 1960s AFRICAN HIGHLIFE genius CARDINAL REX LAWSON while driving around today, I am now relaxing after our workplace FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE draft while listening to Los Angeles band ABE VIGODA -- a group that weds a noisy alternative sensibility with echoes of the African sounds I heard earlier in the day.
Named for the actor who portrayed Tessio and Fish, the band has emerged from the Southland venue The Smell. They recently released their third album, "Skeleton."
MOJO Magazine describes Abe Vigoda as "bringing Pavement angularity to King Sunny Ade uplift."
Perhaps MOJO's writer is a bit confused.
True West African music fans (I'm guilty as charged) know King Sunny Ade played JUJU, not highlife.


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