Saturday, September 13, 2008

Uncommonly fresh and contemporary

Writing in the NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS in 1973, CHARLES SHAAR MURRAY described the DAVID BOWIE single "DRIVE-IN SATURDAY" as "an intersection between 50s doo wop and Hawkwindesque electronic rock."
That particular combination would seem a strange pairing, but listening to "ALADDIN SANE" 35 years later, "Drive-In Saturday" in particular continues to sound fresh. The song certainly hasn't dated like some of the other glam rock of the period.
Our region has been spared some of the worst national weather, obviously, but it was been uncommonly wet and cold. I think the weather conditions prompted me to pull my Bowie CDs off the shelf.
I have a busy day ahead, with a family reunion in Peosta, Iowa and my wife Jill throwing a baby shower for her sister.
"Aladdin Sane" will provide a great soundtrack as I drive around in the rain. There is plenty to digest on this great album, filled with memorable songs such as the still-contemporary "Drive-In Saturday."


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